How tire rubber affects vehicle performance

Jul 19,2023

Tire rubber is one of the basic components of automobile driving, and its quality is directly related to the safety and economy of the vehicle. Therefore, the manufacturing process and raw material selection of tire rubber are very important.

In short, the importance of tire rubber to vehicle driving is self-evident. Many factors need to be considered when manufacturing tires to provide better safety and reliability for vehicle driving. It is an important part of the car and has the characteristics of firmness and durability, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and low temperature resistance. However, after long-term use, the aging phenomenon of tire rubber gradually appears, which seriously affects the performance of the vehicle. So, how can tire rubber prevent aging?

1. Service life of tire rubber

The service life of tire rubber is related to many factors such as the material, production process, and use environment of the tire. According to the "Regulations on Motor Vehicle Safety Technical Inspection", the service life of tires should not exceed 6 years or travel 40,000 kilometers. Therefore, in daily use, it is very necessary to regularly check the use status of tires. Once wear, aging, etc. are found, tires should be adjusted or replaced in time.

2. The manifestations of tire rubber aging

Tire rubber aging has various forms. The common form is tire cracking, which is not as soft and elastic as it should be, smooth and has obvious lines, or some powder appears on the surface, which indicates that the tire rubber is gradually aging.

3. Tire rubber aging affects vehicle performance

The aging of tire rubber can easily affect the safety of vehicle driving. For example, aging tires will experience excessive wear when driving, longer braking distance, and weaker grip. It will also cause abnormal wear of bearings, suspension, steering, transmission and other components, and increase higher fuel consumption and noise.

4. How to prolong the service life of tire rubber

In order to prolong the service life of tire rubber, the following methods can be taken:

Regularly check the alignment of the wheels and adjust the steering angle to prolong the service life of the tires.

Turn infrequently, use the brakes wisely, and avoid emergency braking.

Try to avoid driving on harsh roads for a long time or driving under high temperature, high humidity, and strong light.

Check tire air pressure regularly to maintain proper air pressure.

Pay attention to improving the track of the tires and try to use treads with good wear resistance.

Of course, for aging tires, timely replacement or repair is also very important.

In short, tire rubber is one of the important parts in the car. It needs to be well maintained and replaced or maintained in time in daily use to ensure the performance and safety of the vehicle. It is a small detail on the car, but it bears an important responsibility. We should always pay attention to the condition of tire rubber, maintain vehicle performance and safety, and choose tire rubber to achieve the best driving experience.