Main performance of tires

Nov 12,2021

As the only part of the car in contact with the ground, the performance of tires directly affects the safety of vehicle drivers and passengers. The importance of tire performance can be imagined. For this reason, various countries have also made clear requirements for tire safety performance. With the rapid development of the automotive industry, consumers have begun to pay attention to the comfort, handling stability, NVH and other properties of the vehicle in addition to the safety performance of tires.

The first category, the safety performance required by regulations: high speed, durability, off-ring, strength, outer edge size;

The second category, the performance of tire assembly to vehicle testing: comfort, handling stability, NVH, fuel economy, impact resistance, dry wet braking performance, wear performance, etc.;

The third category is the single-tire performance test carried out in order to study the performance of the tire monomer or the performance of the tire assembled on the whole vehicle: static grounding pressure distribution, rolling resistance, tire rigidity, tire monomer noise, tire mode, PRAT, Six-component force test, odor, air tightness, environmental protection, tire dynamic balance uniformity, etc.